About Us

About Us introduces Sublime Images, a family run business located in London, Ontario, Canada. We are committed to bringing our love of the artwork of bygone days to a life anew in the form of our ceramic and glass tiles and more. The tiles we print can be used as a standalone decorative tile e.g. placed on a miniature easel on a mantelpiece, as accent tiles in a backsplash or fireplace, or as a mural. Our tiles have been featured in KITCHENS Magazine (Romantic Homes Publications) and we have supplied a number of USA museums with our ceramic giftware. Another aspect of our tile work is our belief that we can print almost anything on ceramic tile, a good example being the exquisite book covers that come to life on our glossy white tile. So expect to be suprised!

The art we use is all in the public domain allowing us access to some of the greatest artists and illustrators in the world. So if you are planning a tile project think of Sublime Images where your only limitation is your imagination. Imagine a kitchen decorated with scenes from The Arabian Nights or The Four Seasons by Alphonse Mucha! We present many different art genres but our most admired designs come from the Art Nouveau era and the tiles of Victorian England.

If you do have a tile project and cannot find what you want here, you will want to visit the likes of Shutterstock, a stock photography agency, where you can view literally thousands of Royalty-Free digital designs suitable for your project. You can purchase an image which we can use to create the tiles. You do not have a copyright problem as the image is used for personal purposes. Perhaps you would want us to customize a favourite artist or painting that is now in the public domain; let us know and if possible we will source a high definition image with no extra charge.

Product Codes ending with a letter C e.g. AN030C indicate that the colours can be customised (modified to your custom requirements).

You can view/purchase our products via the carousel (click on the image that interests you) or click on the Shop tab and navigate by category.

All payments (in US dollars) are made via PayPal and you do not need a PayPal account to use your credit card. Consequently, the details of your financial transactions are not stored or available to Sublime Images.

Our shipping charges are approximate. Any shipping overages greater than $1.00 will be refunded.