Our Process

Sublime Images uses a process called sublimation to print images on specially coated ceramic (and glass and masonite) tiles. Our ceramic tiles are not suitable as floor tiles. We do not recommend them to be used in counter tops, or shower stalls, but our glass tiles will do very nicely. All of our images are interchangeable with our ceramic, glass or masonite tiles. Still unsure about sublimated tiles. There are advantages and disadvantages with every process; the advantages of sublimation is that for a moderate price you can recreate the beautiful designs of times gone by in stunning colours, and/or in some instances custom colour* your tiles. There are really no disadvantages if you follow our simple instructions i.e. use a Non-Sand grout and Windex with a non-abrasive cloth. The designs on our tiles are flat; there are no raised surfaces. We do not recommend installing our tiles in direct sunshine; contact us if you are thinking of an outdoor project, we will advise according to your plans.

Product Codes ending witth a letter C e.g. AN030C indicate that the colours can be customised (modified to your custom requirements).

Prices (in US Dollars):
4.25″ square = $8.95
6″ square = $12.95
6″ x 8″ = $15.95
8″ square = $19.95
8″ x 10″ = $21.95
Glass Tile Prices:
6″ square = $16.95

All payments (in US dollars) are made via PayPal and you do not need a PayPal account to use your credit card. Consequently, the details of your financial transactions are not stored or available to Sublime Images.